We design all of our pieces in-house, right here in Abidjan. From the initial sketches to choosing our custom fabric ensuring the perfect fit, we take great pride in our design process.


Who Are We

Mulias is the first Ivorian luxury swimwear brand designed in Abidjan Cote D'ivoire for the global woman. The name Mulias means noble and majestic. To be true to our name, we’re on a mission to make every woman in the world feel noble and majestic whenever she steps out at the pool.  Our vision is to become a globally recognised luxury swimwear for women from all backgrounds and cultures.

Note from Francesca Assandé

Founder, Designer and CEO of Mulias

“I want the global woman to feel sexy and confident in her own curves. Comfort is at the forefront of our design process. The sexiest Mulias swimwear will bring out your powerful feminine energy and boost your mood” 

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How It All Started

Francesca Assandé founded Mulias from home in 2015 when she was only 19. Her love for fashion and design, and the lack of a native Ivorian swimwear brand led her to start the company. 

She acquired the first physical store in 2017 when the brand grew enough to sustain itself. But still, she relied heavily on reselling readymade designs. While the readymade designs were great, they did not make her customers feel noble and majestic. 

Hence, in 2020, Francesca took the leap of faith and changed Mulias’ story for good. She switched from selling readymade pieces to designing in-house. Since then, Mulias has become a household name for the global woman who wants to appreciate her skin, curves, and uniqueness. 

Today, we ship our swimwear from our Abidjan store to everywhere in the world.

Our Uniqueness

We design every piece in our store in-house from the sketch to the finishing of the actual fabric. We select only high-quality fabric for our swimwear. 

We choose designs and fabrics that prioritise comfort because we want to inspire confidence and self-love with every piece we make. 

At Mulias, we value our customers highly.Hence, we’ve created a community of loyal women from around the world who show their love and support through the hashtag - #MuliasSquad 

Our Promise to You

We value YOU more than anything else. That’s why we promise to always keep your needs ahead of everything else. We’ll do this by continuously designing pieces that’ll make you feel comfy and sexy at the same time. 

For us, Every woman deserves a taste of fun!